The App everyone with food allergies or celiac should download immediately!

ShopWell App

If you have ANY food allergies, this is the app for you. Download ShopWell immediately. This is by far the best app I’ve ever used in the grocery store. You can fill out your food sensitivity profile, scan the food and poof you know if you can eat it or not!! I’ve used this app for the past few months and it really is beneficial at the grocery story. I know I must look like an idiot scanning all my food, but I don’t care anymore. I just do my own thing 🙂

ShopWell Scanner

The one downfall of this application is that the more obscure brands and generic’s don’t usually show up. But it sure is nice to know which Uncle Ben’s rice pack has gluten and which doesn’t!

ShopWell App

This app is totally Pretty Little Celiac approved! ShopWell Rocks!!


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  1. I’ve been using an app called Allergy and Gluten Free Scanner by Fooducate and it is awesome! I’ve scanned items at Trader Joe’s Whole Foods, and Safeway and always got a hit. They even have a one click button to call the manufacturer in case of doubt.

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