The Celiac Funk: Does it exist?

Today I’m in a funk. A yucky funk. I’ve been trying to pull myself out of it since yesterday. Maybe it’s because it’s my time of the month or because of the tension headache I’m fighting but I just feel blah.

But that’s ok, because everyone is allowed to have those days.

Not everyday is going to be perfect and happy.

Not everyday is going to be sunshine and rainbows.

You can’t have rainbows without the rain.

It might also be because everything I see is a gluten filled treat that I just want to put in my mouth. I’m having an “it’s not fair” moment as I stare at this bakery case at Barnes and Noble.

Why can’t I just eat a piece of cheesecake? I’m having a bad day and just want to eat a cookie.

Yesterday, while I was fearfully eating my Qdoba worried it would poison me, I looked out the window this lovely Krispy Kreme truck taunting me.

But this too shall pass. The moods come and they go and I think it’s just part of the process for dealing with this disease. People don’t really realize what a struggle it is to live in constant fear of being poisoned, wondering what you ate that caused your joint pain or just tired of being tired.

When I go out with friends, I just want to have a beer. Not a cider ale (even though I love it), just a good old fashion beer.

But my body says “no” and I am now listening. I feel so much better but there are still days like today when I long for the days of the past when I could carelessly eat whatever I wanted keeping my fingers crossed I didn’t have to run to the bathroom.

Today is a day to gain strength. A day to build my knowledge and education for this disease.

A day to let everyone else know it’s ok to struggle.

It’s ok to have bad days.

In the end, it’s how you use these bad days to grow, make yourself stronger and thrive in the future!




4 responses

  1. Check out Cherbourg Bakery in Bexley. It’s my secret for getting through those tough days where all you see is gluten. I recommend the lemon bars and espresso brownies!

  2. Just what I needed to read today-I have been having a celiac funk well ALL WEEK! I am sick, from well something poisoning me earlier this week and still can hardly work let alone be a positive force. I am here for my kids and that is just about it currently. I loved my package too by the way, thank you for this blog! It makes me feel better about what we all go through with this disease. But sidenote-I swear if one more person asks me if I am doing this as a weight loss thing because everyone else is I might scream! Haha! 🙂

  3. I would like to encourage you that it gets easier. It’s been 14 months since I was diagnosed with Celiac & have been gluten free. I wouldn’t trade getting rid of the horrible stomach pains for even the best gluten filled treat…
    even Krispy Kreme 🙂 Cheering for you as you continue on your journey to better health & wellness through being GF!

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