9 Easy tips for any celiac or gluten free living college student!

Gluten Free Dorm Life

9 Easy tips for any celiac or gluten free living college student!

1. Keep gluten free salad dressing on hand – It’s likely that any school you go to will have a salad bar in their cafeteria. If all else fails, you can at least know your own ingredients and have safe dressing to take with you down there to avoid cross contamination and poisoning!

2. Order gluten free food in bulk from Amazon – You will be able to have it shipped right to you at school and don’t have to worry about finding a grocery story that will have gluten free food in stock or getting a ride to the store.

3. Mark your containers and food – It sounds simple enough but I can only imagine how upset I would have been if my roommates ate my gluten free foods! To protect yourself from their food, you should also keep yours separate in containers that won’t cross contaminate your food. Spilled chips into your food are easily avoidable.

4. Stock up on gluten free pasta – It’s very easy to cook in a hot pot or microwave and you can easily have a mini meal out of pasta, olive oil and Parmesan cheese. I do it all the time and I don’t even live in dorm!

5. Fill your bags with snacks like raisins, Lara bars and other gluten free bites to quickly put something in your belly if you ever get in a bind. It’s all about being prepared!

6. Watch how your food is handled anywhere you eat on campus – Changing gloves, mixed serving ware – if they have gluten products… you are at risk. They may know that a food doesn’t have gluten, but they may not understand that touching your food with their dirty gloves will make you sick.

7. Educate friends on celiac or gluten – The more they know and understand, the more likely they are to support you and help you find options. Even now as an adult, my friends will email or text me to tell me about the gluten free treat they just found at the store or the restaurant they saw a gluten free menu.

8. Be careful with alcohol – especially at big parties. Dirty cups with beer residue are not going to do you any favors if they put a gluten free mixed drink in it so either buy your own and bring it to the party or pay attention to who is making your drink.

9. There are lots of other bloggers out there – in college right now – suffering from celiac disease! Reach out to them, subscribe to their blogs and see how they are handling it. Share information and help others!!
Are you a gluten free blogger in college? Do you have tips to share with others? Please post them below and follow me on facebook & Twitter so I can help share your stories and tips with all our fellow readers!!


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