Moving Forward! New Content! New Ideas! Help Me!!

It’s 2am and I’m wide awake working on a million different things. As a business owner and fitness expert, I’m often pulled in different directions. This blog and community is something I’ve become very passionate about and is important to me. The Pretty Little Celiac community is near and dear to my heart and I’ve always been one to help others, share information and educate. My favorite job I ever held was a Training Coordinator position in child welfare. I designed my own trainings, taught new staff and provided advanced training for long term employees.

Then I fell in love with fitness and now my personal journey with gluten free living and celiac disease!

Help me help you…

I want to know what you need.

Tell me…

If I created different types of media would this be beneficial to you??



Video Blogs (I admit I hate the video camera)

What kind of written content can I create in free downloads that would benefit you?

How to get started on  gluten free living?

Living gluten free in college

Clearly we’ve all established this need and desire for me to share my story, hear about yours and get fat trying all these gluten free foodie products for you!!! I want to broaden my horizons and methods to help you but I want some feedback before I spend hours making podcasts only to have no one listen in!

Any other ideas?

I’ve got 1 big, brownie cake from Rose’s Bakery for a random giveaway to someone who posts on this blog post and gives me ideas….


5 responses

  1. I know that you’ve already reviewed acure organics, but I would also love a post on gluten free make up. It’s been a challenge for me to find gluten free lipstick that’s accessible and affordable. Any suggestions?

    I’m not a big podcast watcher, but perhaps if I was interested in the subject I would give it a try.

  2. Involve more people, invite guests who are newbie’s out there (as I am, just wrote my first Vegan allergy free recipe book) and others whom you have extreme reverence…such as Kris Carr or even Charlotte Gerson from the Institute. Make a subject…’this week we will be discussing or I am taking notes on the different media out there for healthy eating…what is your opinion on the matter and how can we better educate people through marketing?’ . Your giveaways are awesome as well, so broadcast them, add more prizes that educate as well…books, dvd’s, etc. I use to and still try to catch a few free meetings on the phone with Doreen Rainey, a life coach, try something like that too! You could make a plan to have a 6 month free phone chat, where people call in to hear your thoughts on allergies and or exercise, even the new trends out there. Let them write in and you can answer their specific questions, most likely someone else on the call will have a similar question as well…then you have shared something for everyone. Some of these you may have completed, I am still new to your site as well as to my own allergies, so I hope I didn’t step on any toes 🙂 For me, my allergies developed through my MS, Optic Nueritus and Graves disease…I would love to know how to work around them.

  3. I admit I am not a huge fan of vlogs and webinars either. I find they just take too much time to watch.

    I would like more information on basics…. how to stock your pantry, etc.

    Is gluten free makeup really necessary?

  4. *The power of positive thoughts – what is your go to for motivation? Do you have an inspiration board similar to artists with sayings, thoughts, colors, images…
    *The power of communication – informing family, friends, co-workers, chefs… of your food allergies allows them to take the opportunity to connect with you. What opportunities have others served you food in which their extra care and concern allowed you to express gratitude? What are some key phrases or terms that are key when talking with people?
    *The power of living – quick take a snapshot of your pantry and fridge. Let’s face it. Pictures capture the essence of the moment in living gluten free. What are your spot lights? Where can you make changes in your home stock to improve your eating?
    **Follow up with a snapshot check in 4 weeks. Did you keep to your changes? What new highlights can be included and move forward. The accountability factor.
    *The power of vulnerability – where we struggle isn’t about failure rather the moments of learning what not to do. No Polly-Anna eyes here as “sacred cows make the best hamburger” -Mark Twain: what issues do you work on that keeps coming back for round 2?
    *The power of community – connecting reaching out to others with food allergies is huge! What avenues have you explored to reach out?

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