Kroger Grocery Store making BIG Gluten Free Changes in 2013!


Today I had the pleasure of being one of the guest speakers for the Kroger Natural Foods Summit in Indianapolis, Indiana. I was invited to tell me story and give their store managers/buyers some insight on gluten allergies and celiac disease.

It was exciting to find out some great things they have planned for 2013!

Gluten Free Tags

First they plan on introducing many more of these gluten-free tags under the foods on the shelves. They have some already but it never did seem consistent throughout the store. These are great because they allow you to quickly identify the gluten-free options on the shelves! You will see them in some of their stores already but their main focus is to help consumers find the foods they need.

Lots of Gluten Free Foods

Depending on which Kroger store you go to, you will find many options on gluten-free foods. The problem with their stores is the foods are all over the stores making it harder to shop there and time-consuming. They said the second most common question beside “where is the restroom?” is “where is your gluten-free section.” Well, guess what! They are taking note of that and working to find a better solution for all of us.

Whether it is a dedicated natural foods section with all the gluten-free items or a store map indicating where things can be found, they are focusing their energy on making our shopping experience better.

They also want to be able to provide a large selection of items at the lowest possible prices for their consumers. Now that’s what I’m talking about!! They are very motivated in bringing all of our favorite brands into their stores to help all of us shop easier.

I told them the easier it is for us to shop there, the more money and customers they will be getting because us gluten-free peeps are some loyal, loyal fans!

The first step was just me being there to educate them on celiac disease and what it means to be “gluten-free.” Only a couple of people in the audience heard of celiac disease or knew what it was.

I give Kroger 2 huge gluten-free thumbs up for taking the initiative to help their customers and make our lives even better (and easier).

And I want to thank all of them for enjoying my “crap my pants” stories!!

What suggestions do you have for grocery stores that I can emphasize as I continue my speaking engagements all over the place??

My speaker tag!






4 responses

  1. It’s always nice when there is more than one option of something. For example, it’s awesome if there is more than one gluten-free pasta. I’m always impressed when I see a rice pasta AND a corn or quinoa pasta. I think the other big thing is having a gluten free bread available (either fresh or frozen) that is reasonably priced.

  2. Education through demo cooking classes, recipes, sign on how to read labels to look for key words to avoid. Promote natural gluten free foods.
    Like Jennifer, choices with different grain food products are huge. Feature gluten-free beauty products, too.

  3. I think the centralization of the gulten free items is wonderful. Also, the tags help out a lot. You won’t have to go on a scavenger hunt to find them. Also, I’m a sweets junkie and have to have some sweetness like a cookie to satisfy me. There are very few cookies available that are gluten free and not chocolate. I’m so happy that Kroger is making these changes next year.

  4. We have a very forward-thinkink grocery store chain here. They have a registered dietician on staff and every Tuesday evening from 6 to 7 she does a gluten-free tour of the one of the stores, for people who have signed up before hand.. usually groups of 5 or 6 each week. She walks up and down the grocery aisles offering suggestions as to what/what not to purchase. This store also very clearly marks their gluten free choices on items not obviious and it is good session.

    They also have a pamphlet with all of their gluten-free choices listed by department and again by brand.

    Perhaps you could sugges this. I found it extremely helpful and also nice to connect with other consumers in the group as we walked the aisles.

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